it's all about reinventing

What's new this season? Old.

I am constantly coming across people who love to take old/used clothing and make it into a piece that was better than the original. It may have started way back when Kate Moss ripped her vintage Christian Dior couture dress, and without missing a beat, tied the skirt into an elegant knot. In my opinion, her creation is far superior.

Today while browsing The Sartorialist, I noticed another great creation made out of an old men's sweater. It's genius.

So it got me thinking that I wanted to create something as well. Although I had previously gotten rid of all my old clothes (MISTAKE!), I only had a cheap black shirt to work with. So I grabbed some duck tape, bleach, and came up with this acid wash LOVE shirt. It's everything that I wanted it to be. Rough, but conveys a positive message, while not being at all perfect. The imperfections give it character.

Blair, Not Waldorf | A Fashion Blog

Second photo from thesartorialist.com

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